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Intimate Cosmetic Surgery – from the bygone era of taboo

Intimate Cosmetic Surgery. A fairly new term to highlight series of cosmetic surgery procedures done with the intent to revitalize the sex life of people. Needless to say, there are also corrective procedures being done, to enhance or restore functioning of the genitals. In a largely conservative society as the Indian society, it has been taboo to even mention such procedures for a long time. Medical intervention, where it is a necessity rather than being elective, has also been done unpublicized and extremely low key. In fact there is even an element of shame attached to the choice.

However the advent of globalization and the opening of the corridors of better understanding and broader outlook have made the society shed its robes of conservativeness and more and more people are opting for Intimate surgeries to revitalize and re-energize their sexual lives. Gone are the days of the shroud and secrecy, people are embracing the procedures with better awareness and are more open to consultation and discussion. The broader and more open approach helps professionals correct flaws that are genetic and flaws that are a result of time and travails. There is no single affliction that ails everyone, it is a multitude of issues that develop over time, and are as unique to an individual as his/her personality. Every issue should be independently dealt with and the suggestion for cosmetic surgery should arise only after exhaustion of all avenues. Cosmetic surgery alternatives to enhance inter-partner experience on a physical plane only and should not be conflated with psychological anomalies that may have arisen in a relationship. As we can see, with this simple explanation alone, the area of interpersonal relationships are extremely complicated. This is why intimate cosmetic surgery should be evaluated purely as a surgical procedure and not as anything more than that.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery for people, the difference in the sexes mean that there are fundamentally different procedures and causative factors also are, for the large part, very different. Therefore it is important for the understanding of everyone that the approach is completely different for each gender. Surgically speaking there is no reason for overlap. Therefore let us see the Intimate Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for each dominant gender separately.

Intimate Surgery for Women – For most women the act of childbirth is the most wonderful event of their lives. However, over time, the effect of multiple childbirths leave a toll on the genital area. This is where there is hope offered by cosmetic surgery. There are procedures where in the labial lips are tightened using surgical interventions. While the actual elastic coefficient of the skin cannot be altered, surgery can be used to tighten the skin so as to walk back to the days of youth. This in turn will enhance the experience for women manyfold and may even be the reason for saving a relationship.

There are procedures like hymenoplasty where the hymen can be surgically restored. There are also aesthetic procedures such as pubic lift, and the surgical reduction of the labia so that the aesthetic appeal can be enhanced. These procedures are becoming more popular these days as the science is also becoming perfectly advanced.

Intimate Surgery for Men – There are many cosmetic surgery procedures to alter and correct the problems that may arise with the male organ. Problems such as Phimosis and the requirement for adult circumcision are all pretty straightforward procedures these days that can even be performed as an outpatient. A superficial bandaging is applied and the patient is ready to return to work after a couple of hours even. Other issues like curvature of the penis can also be worked upon very easily surgically these days.

As the horizon broadens, people are presented with better solutions as the technology expands with exponential pace. Societal constraints need to be shrugged off so that people can opt for cosmetic surgery that goes a long way to enhance their lifestyle and boost their relationships. After all togetherness often holds the key to happiness as man is, after all, a social animal.

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