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Know all about Blepharoplasty. Is it for you?

As we grow older our bodies start giving up to the incessant tug of gravity. And as they do so, the signs start to show. As a by product of ageing, the upper eyelids start to sag. Sometimes the upper eyelid may become so droopy that it may actually start to impair vision. Even if there is not any physical impairment, you may start to get fed up of the wrinkles under your eyes and the sag of your eyelids. This will present to you the logical next step – Blepharoplasty. Dark circles, droopy eyes and sagging eyelids can get corrected permanently by this procedure. The extent of surgery required will depend on the level of sag or wrinkling that has happened and at Pearl Health, the team of professionals with decades of experience in aesthetic surgery are standing by to afford the best advice you can get.

Sometimes in addition to Blepharoplasty, the patient may have sagging eyebrows and wrinkles on the forehead popularly known as worry lines. Now in these cases, fillers like Botox® may be suggested and some level of plastic surgery may also be advised. Especially for brow lift. However the professionals may suggest a totally non surgical path as well such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels to get rid of the wrinkles and Botox® to roll back the years. The plastic surgeon may suggest these methods to make the eyes shine and dazzle and the area surrounding the eyes live up to the charm. But Blepharoplasty will give the eyes a bright look.

The procedure for eyelid surgery is pretty standard. The patient is admitted in a environment that’s a hospital like care facility. The patient is sedated and is administered medicines that will enable him to feel less pain. Usually local anesthesia is administered but sometimes intravenous anesthesia is also administered. The aesthetic surgeons at Pearl Health know the best procedure for the person, as every patient is viewed with new eyes. The recovery period after Blepharoplasty usually extends over a few weeks, so the effects of the surgery are not immediate. However the patient will be at his/her best in a few weeks after the surgery when the healing process is completed. The discharge procedures are usually immediately following the surgery, as the patient is best expected to recuperate at his/her own residence. In several procedures the Blepharoplasty is usually done in conjunction with occuloplastic surgeons because the eyelid surgery may not be a stand alone procedure and may be performed in conjunction with other procedures like brow lift and so on, as mentioned earlier in the blog.

Now that we know what Blepharoplasty is all about, how do you determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure? Well as we grow older the eyelids sag. The rate and extent of distention may vary from individual to individual, but the fact that the eyelids will sag is a stark reality. For some people, this may actually start to impair vision, and hence the surgical alternative is the most welcome one. Therefore, anyone over 35 years of age with droopy or puffy eyes can undergo this surgery. Of course the most important thing is to ensure that there are no pre-existing eyesight complications, as that has to factor into the decision to go in for surgery.

Normal Blepharoplasty is expected to last for seven years. After that period the patient may have to undergo the procedure again after the period as the body will age naturally.
With proper care after Blepharoplasty and with regular check up and administering of Botox and other skin bolstering compounds, the patient is made to understand the fact that Pearl health has just rolled back several years of their life.

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