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The Largest Organ, and oh what it goes through.


Yes. Skin is the largest organ on the human body. Complex, tough and ever patient with the abuse that you throw at it daily. Let us, for a moment, reflect on the various things that we put our skin through daily. We shower and shave and use solvents to successfully remove all the natural is that the skincare secrets in order to maintain moisture and elasticity and to prevent the forced entry of foreign particles under the outer layers. And then to compensate for the natural oils that we have successfully removed, we apply synthetic solvents with abnormal pH balances, to help us regain the moisture. We apply unguents and creams and literally paint, to adhere to societal stipulations and requirements. We block the impact of sunlight, and along with whatever potential harm that may do, we also block out effectively nature’s greatest source of Vitamin D. We rush about at accelerated speeds bombarding our skin with pollutants of unimaginable chemistry that we ourselves have cast into the air. We stress, we tug, pierce, stretch. Really we do the unimaginable to our skin everyday.

But all is not gloom. There’s very little need for despair. Despite the rather bad way most people maintain their most visible and largest organ, medical science has advanced to such a degree that there is a widespread understanding of literally what makes the skin tick. There are procedures that deal holistically with the abnormalities, be it artificially induced, naturally occurring or accidentally endured, under aseptic conditions with trained professionals who are constantly upgrading their knowledge through research. The understanding of the skincare, that it has the delicate chemical balance that is required to be maintained, that there has to be an active non-invasive way in which attack from pollutants is countered, has prompted scientists the world over to develop technologies that greatly aid in returning the skin to its former glory. At Pearl Health there is a healthy synergy between professionals who are vested into skincare with a passion that defies reason and the state of the art equipment that is needed to facilitate the process of returning to normalcy.

So what needs to be done? How do I even know that my skin is not optimal? The first step is to have a detailed analysis of the condition of the skin. The face, the arms, the rest of the body, the scalp, all face different challenges, and all have different textures and requirements. So what is normal, one may ask. Thankfully, we all have that one solid reference point for how our skin should be like, and that reference point is – a baby. The best map of how unspoiled skin should be is when we see the skin of an infant. The supply of blood is optimal, there are no marks and no stretch signs as there has been no testing of the skin yet.

With a mental map to achieve and regain elasticity, an even tone for skin lightening and to remove wrinkles and scars, the first step is to have an analysis done at Pearl. It is a simple painless, fun exercise where the machines will check your skin and give you a detailed report of what the condition is.

The best part of the rejuvenation process is that the body is motivated to heal the skin itself. For instance, with micro needling, very tiny needles are poked into the skin (don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing) and this will stimulate the body to secrete the hormone called collagen. This hormone helps in the healing of acne scars, bringing back elasticity to the skin and lends colour back into the skin. In short, the body heals itself, all that the professionals at Pearl Health do is to motivate your skin to heal itself. Like, nudge it on the healing path.

What greater reward is there when someone compliments you on your flawless skin, especially when the path to beauty is straight and simple.

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