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Does the Mommy Makeover really work?

Undoubtedly one of the best human experiences is in being a mom. I am sure there is not a single person who will doubt that. But the society, friends and family do not prepare you for what comes next. The toll that childbirth takes on the female body is tremendous and the body reacts in the manner in which it is supposed to and this may mean a lot of problems in social connect for women after childbirth due to body image. No one prepares you for what comes next. But not anymore, really. The buzzwords for all young mothers is “Mommy Makeover”. Many cosmetic surgeons are getting enquiries about how the procedures work and what is the scope of surgery in relation as to what to expect. So let us have a brief overlook at what Mommy Makeover entails in this blog.

What Mommy Makeover is all about is the restoration of the body to the way it was pre-childbirth. In this regard there are a host of non-surgical as well as surgical procedures. As for non-surgical procedures, cosmetic procedures abound where there is reduction of wrinkles, skin tightening creams and so on. And then there are requirements where surgical intervention is needed as well. Every human body is different and there is no single yardstick with which treatments can be doled out. Procedures are tailor made for every individual’s unique body type.

The buzz over Mommy Makeover, is anything but dying down. These procedures are being discussed at high tea, at spas, at the Y, the moms groups, pilates classes to name a few. It behoves us to explain what it is all about in this blog, right from explaining the seat of the problem as it were. The female body goes through an enormous amount of stress during the process of childbirth. For a few months of pregnancy, the skin is stretched to a large degree, and if the woman is having twins, even more. The initial procedures of the Mommy Makeover are usually non-surgical, like the application of skin tightening and scar removal creams. However if the body is distressed significantly as a result of childbirth and feeding, then the cosmetic surgeon steps in with abdominal tightening.

Of course there is no stenciled approach to Mommy Makeover, as every woman’s body is different. Every single surgical procedure is tailor made to the specific person and there is no commonality in the procedures other than the procedure itself. The goal is to get the woman to her pre-baby body.

What are the conflict areas and what is the solution?

The main areas of problem for a woman after childbirth and feeding are the abdomen and breasts. As we discussed earlier the abdomen is taken care of using abdominal strengthening surgeries where the shape of the abdomen is sculpted so that the old shape is restored. If the woman has had twins, the skin may be too stretched out and may require tightening as well. All these procedures are scar free and there are no telltale scars tucked away somewhere. Some women may require breast enhancement surgery after they have completed feeding the infant. There have been some severe cases where nipple realignment surgery would also have to be done.

There are some women who have the requirement for breast reduction surgery after the period of feeding is completed. All decisions are based on the extent of affecting of the parts of the body, and decisions are taken with avid discussions with the new mommy, to ascertain the best way to roll back the clock and walk back on the adverse changes to the body.

What is the best time for Mommy Makeover?

Needless to say, the procedure is done for women who have gone through childbirth. The best time for undertaking the process is after the child has been successfully weaned off breastfeeding. The most important requirement is the support system for the woman in the form of grandparents, understanding spouse etc., as the candidate requires a clear 2 to 3 weeks off for herself.

Every mom deserves a Mommy Makeover, and Pearl Health is the place to be for the procedure, as we understand the sacrifices that mommy makes, and therefore appreciate what she deserves in life, and to that effect we strive to get her the nearest pre-baby body and smiles all around.

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