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No more Wrinkles please.

A terrifying part of growing older are wrinkles. Without doubt the first incidence of wrinkles is quite a reminder of the sad truth of ageing. Smooth skin is the representative of youth. Wrinkled skin, while it can be considered to be a mark of experience and wisdom, definitely has nothing youthful about it. What are simply ridges and folds on the surface of the skin can have a searing effect on interpersonal relations, and may even pave way for adverse attitude adjustments in relationships. However wrinkles are inevitable and every human shall have them, some more than others. Interestingly the first wrinkles that appear on people are wrinkles that arise due to facial expressions. Popularly called as laugh lines. But then there are many circumstances that can exacerbate the onset of wrinkles.

The most common cause of wrinkles, apart from ageing, is smoking. The effect of nicotine on the skin is nowhere near good, and the circulatory system spreads it far and wide. Skin becomes dehydrated and starts to lose elasticity thereby leading to wrinkles. Stress is also a governing cause for wrinkles. The appearance is accelerated as the stress levels increase the generation of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. This cortisol breaks down the collagen in the skin, collagen being responsible for the repair and elasticity of the skin. The governing factors in accelerated wrinkle development is largely due to lifestyle factors and dietary conditions. These are the evils of the modern society as it were, the lust for the forbidden fruit has made us sacrifice natural beauty and health.

Other factors like exposure to UV from the sun is also adversely affecting the skin tone. The UV light breaks down the collagen and the elastin fibers of the skin and over time they lose the ability to “bounce back” as it were. This makes the parts of the body largely exposed to natural light more wrinkled than the other areas. Therefore one of the most important prerequisites of proper skin management is to wear UV block of good repute.

The causes may be many but the treatment is about as uniform everywhere. The whole idea is to prevent the skin from wearing thin and try to regain elasticity by hydration and the use of natural processes and compounds. Skin restoration is a billion rupee market and there are more compounds and solutions than can easily be compared at a passing glance. The buyer is under tremendous pressure to evaluate and decide which solution is the best and has no side effects. Over the Counter solutions like alpha hydroxy acids, kinetin Q10, peptides and antioxidants are available in cocktails and abundance and it is almost up to the user to decide on the dosage and the quality components. This is where Pearl Health comes in by offering the best advice and the best OTC solutions in the market.

The other form of damage control and mitigation in case of advent of wrinkles is aesthetic intervention. There are a lot of surgical techniques and the level of advancement and effectiveness has reached impressive levels. Pearl Health is at the cutting edge of these technologies, and not only are they replete with the latest equipment, but the talent is staggering. Professionals with decades of experience and a dogged commitment to the profession, are at your disposal. Among the many surgical procedures the most popular are Dermabrasion. The technique behind the process is extremely simple. It is the usage of an abrasive compound like crystals to literally sand away the outer layer of skin. The benefits are twofold. At first the surface irregularities and the micro wrinkles will literally be sanded off. The other aspect of the procedure is that this will trigger the body to produce copious amounts of collagen, which is the naturally occuring wonder compound that helps heal tissue, restore elasticity and bring back life to the skin.

The procedures are virtually painless and are outpatient. The surface on which the procedures are performed will be reddish for a while and the recipient is expected to apply moisturizer and other healing compounds that will be prescribed, at Pearl. Over the time of healing the effect of reduced wrinkles will be visible almost immediately.

Another process that has been in play over several decades is Botox. Injections are made subcutaneously and the botox stretches the skin so that the wrinkles get evened out without a trace.

Laser treatment is useful for what are termed loosely as “crow’s feet” which are micro wrinkles that develop over time in areas where there is a lot of muscle activity beneath the skin. The RF treatment is the same principle – the Radio Frequency laser destroys the outer layer of the skin and heats up the underlying layer the dermis. This motivates the body to generate collagen which in turn restores youth and destroys wrinkles.

The procedures are there. The technology is there. The expertise at Pearl is there. Wrinkles are no more a threat or a source of concern.

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