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Ten Scientific Ways to approach your holiday diet

The most important aspect of cosmetic surgery is the diet. Diet in general varies de[ending upon the social construct. As we near the holiday season, our diets are bound to alter significantly and it is important that you factor is this impending change in order to continue to look fabulous, on the inside and the outside. Pearl Health recognizes the importance of having a balanced diet, while not having to give up totally on indulgences, especially as we enter the holiday season. Many of you may be planning to go in for a cosmetic procedure, such as facial threading, laser dermabrasion, skin lighting and so on to appear at your best during the holidays. Many of you may just be looking at just kicking it up a notch before the holidays so that you look fresher, more refreshed and youthful.

Whatever be your plans to get ready for the holidays here are a few dietary tips that will help you stay refreshed and youthful.

1. Mindfulness is key
Being aware of what you are imbibing is actually half the battle. The biggest mistake everybody does is over indulge, this is more so out of peer pressure and societal commitments, where you are expected socially to eat more and celebrate more. All you need to do is be mindful of what you are eating and what you have eaten during the course of the day, and question yourself before picking up every plate, “Now, do I really need this?” If you can do without, stay away. If you adopt this mantra it is half the battle as they say.

2. Take an active approach to the celebrations
As the festival season approaches, make an attempt to keep all the functions as an active adventure. Luckily most of the indian festivals demand a high level of fun and adventure and make it a policy to have an active theme for all the festivals you celebrate. This will help in reducing your gravitation to the food and will seek to increase the step count on your health monitor. Make it a point to host outdoor celebrations as the chances of over indulging on food in the case of outdoor celebrations are very limited and unlikely.

3. Keep the festivals with simple foods
The most drawing aspect of any festival are foods. You are peer pressured into eating more than you can actually physically handle. This often comes as a side effect to the excessive display of happiness and bonhomie that are hallmarks of the holiday seasons. However, if you are actually mindful of the food that you consume during the festivities, there is a great chance that even if you actually exceed in quantity, you can avoid distress by actually not having consumed food with harmful content.

4. Hydrate
One of the biggest mistakes that you tend to do during heightened revelry is hydrate. Proper intake of water is crucial in maintaining skin health and in preserving your skin tone. So even if you do have a cosmetic procedure, it is always advised to have a proper tab on the level of hydration and ensure that you are drinking adequate volumes of fluid.

5. Make treats very very special
Not every meeting needs to be a call for a treat. When this attitude is calling for a treat for every chance meeting or run in, there is a great propensity for overindulging. Instead all you need to do is a subtle mindshift and make treats a very very special occasion, and this way you will greatly reduce the number of treats and will be able to retain your tone and balance.

6. Short, high intensity workouts are your friend
It goes without saying that working out will be your best friend at staving off the holiday weight. However, during the festive season there will be a sheer paucity of time to actually workout. This is why you need to device short yet high intensity workout regimens so that you can squeeze in a workout before you step out.

7. Stick to coffee during shopping runs
Grabbing that ice cream cone while you are shopping is a sureshot way to add on the poundage and look bloated. Instead just stick to coffee. Or water.

8. Make your own low calorie recipes
Not all meals are community meals. Whenever you are eating normally during festival times, make a list of low calorie recipes and stick to them.

9. Sleep like a log
Sleep is the most wonderful aspect of your existence as it is the time the body literally repairs itself. Sleep is vital for secretion of collagen which helps repair damaged cells and brings back that healthy sheen to your body.

10. If things get out of hand, don’t blame yourself too much
But at the end of it all you should not forget that you are passing through festival times, and there is no taking away from the fact that it will have an impact on your well being. Therefore there is no point in literally lamenting about deviating from the path. Along with cosmetic procedures that will help you feel better and refreshed instantly, and sustained exercise and a balanced diet, you can very easily get back to looking your absolute best.

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