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Which Hair Restoration is the best for you?

Hair fall is constant. It is when hair re-growth slows that the problem starts. For most men, their hair starts to thin and fall by the age 35 and by the age of 50, there is noticeable hair loss. Most of the cures that are available in the market are nothing but the proverbial snake oil, and there is little or no evidence of any miracle cure happening. But over the past few years, there have been great strides in the transplantation techniques and several men are seeing great results with these techniques.

Note that we talk about men. Not women. This is because balding is caused by the male hormone dihydrotestosterone which replaces a falling hair with thinner and weaker hair. Progressively going bald is natural for men. Women, in general do not have this issue as they do not have the causative hormone. Not to say that there are no cases of balding for women, there are women balding cases. though they are a small proportion when compared to men, the cures and treatments for female hair loss is almost identical to male hair loss.

So, you are now at the stage where you are considering Hair Restoration, and before you lies a vast scape of modern techniques that sends you in a tizzy, and you are at a loss choosing the best one for you. At Pearl Health, there is a desk that counsels your quandary and won’t rest until you are convinced which is the best therapy or treatment for you. At Pearl Health there is a firm belief that hair loss can be broadly divided into two categories viz. non-surgical hair loss treatment and surgical hair loss remedy.

Non-surgical hair loss treatment. At the outset let us take a moment to cast to the bin, all anti-hair loss supplement, shampoos and unguents. There are no valid generic systems for ratification of their efficacy and it is a slippery slope when we start analysing their effectiveness or lack thereof. With that said and out of the way, hair loss treatments can be segregated into two categories – Androgen-dependant Hair Loss Supplements and Androgen Independent. Androgen Dependant Medication works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is universally believed to be the cause of baldness. These medicines would typically see aggressive hair regrowth after a couple of months of administration. So if you are a man who has just started experiencing hair loss, Androgen dependant treatments will most likely suit you perfectly.

Over the counter medications like Minoxidil are Androgen independent and are used by everyone. They work by dilating the small blood vessels in the body which in turn makes it ideal for rigorous hair regrowth. There are a variety of dietary supplements that are available and it is often a mix of the medicines along with the dietary supplements. However there is little evidence to support the claim that dietary supplements on their own can arrest hair loss and enable hair regrowth.

Surgical hair loss treatment. For people with pattern baldness which is also hereditary, it is necessary to explore the surgical alternative at one point or the other. Techniques have evolved tremendously over the years, and the choice is between the two FUT or FUE viz. Follicular Unit Transplantation vs. Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUT a strip of skin is taken from the donor area which is usually the back of the head where the male pattern baldness does not impact, and are transplanted into pre-dug tiny holes in the area of the scalp that requires regrowth.

In the case of extraction, that is FUE, strips of skin with hair are not taken, instead hair is taken directly and is split and inserted into the holes that have been programmed for the new look. Now the advantage with FUE is that it does not require extensive wound management as FUT requires because actual strips of skin are removed in the case of FUT. However, the actual procedure of FUE takes longer because it is the transplant of the individual hair follicles and this will take a significant chunk of time.

So, the verdict is clear. If you are experiencing hair loss and you have started to detect thinning of hair, then head over to Pearl Health where you will get the best possible therapy available at the behest of the latest scientific studies. However if your hair fall has occurred for a while then there are excellent surgical remedies that will generate startling results that are bound to bring back the lush hairline of yore.

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