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Tummy Tuck


We all know that the skin carries tales of the past. As a person ages, the skin starts to display the wear from the journey that it’s had. And since the skin is the most visible organ, the impact of aging is immediately felt societally. For ages men and women have tried innumerable methods to […]

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructing Life through Reconstructive Surgery

When life deals a cruel hand, it is often easy to resign to fate and continue with the limitations. However, with advancements in technology and better understanding of the human machine, reconstruction to normalcy is now a veritable reality. The broad distinction between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery is that cosmetic surgery is elective. However, […]

Vikatan Interview

Here is our coverage in the Vikatan. Our chief doctor Sasikumar was interviewed and he spoke about skin grafts for skin diseases and burn victims. Again we would like to thank Vikatan staff for their tremendous reach in helping news of what we do reach thousands of people and bring light and hope to the […]

Smile Correction

That Million Watt Smile

Dentalcare The secret of a charming smile is mostly what lies beneath. Teeth. They are the most important contributor to the perfection of the smile and are also psychologically a representation of health and hygiene. Teeth are extremely durable and tough and take unimaginable levels of punishment every day, yet they are fundamental in the […]

hairfall treatments

Hair today, Gone tomorrow. Not Anymore

A full head of hair is a phrase that everyone wants to be heard in reference to them. Hair is a complex entity that is constantly regenerating hair and constantly shedding. Hair management is not about preserving the texture and integrity of hair alone, but is also about regeneration regrowth. And of course let’s not […]

The Largest Organ, and oh what it goes through.

Skincare. Yes. Skin is the largest organ on the human body. Complex, tough and ever patient with the abuse that you throw at it daily. Let us, for a moment, reflect on the various things that we put our skin through daily. We shower and shave and use solvents to successfully remove all the natural […]