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Cosmetic Surgery

Intimate Cosmetic Surgery – from the bygone era of taboo

Intimate Cosmetic Surgery. A fairly new term to highlight series of cosmetic surgery procedures done with the intent to revitalize the sex life of people. Needless to say, there are also corrective procedures being done, to enhance or restore functioning of the genitals. In a largely conservative society as the Indian society, it has been […]

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism – Points to Ponder

The decision to go under the knife has been made. You are confident about your perspectives and what you want out of the procedure. You are also confident about the final outcome, about the persona that you are aspiring to achieve. Now all that remains is the who and the where. The decision to select […]

Cosmetic Surgery

The Evolution of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery. Reconstructive Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery. Call it by whatever name, every year millions of lives are being changed for the good by Plastic Surgeons all over the world. Under the realm of reconstructive and corrective surgeries are scores of procedures being conducted the world over that are literally releasing a new lease of life […]

Tooth implant

The Teeth, the smile, the secrets

We all know of stories where men have been disarmed with a smile. Stories of where people have been swayed with just a smile, changed stands just because of a smile. This uniquely human trait called the smile is indeed one of the most sung about and the most cherished of physical expressions. Several poets […]

The Bald Man’s Predicament

Hair Fall is a natural occurrence. It is only when it doesn’t grow back, we have a problem. It is widely believed that the adult scalp sheds ten percent of it’s hair every telogen cycle (which is nothing but the resting phase of the body). For an average of one lakh hairs on the average […]

Cosmetic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Surgery a good thing?

Since time immemorial mankind has always been exceptional in that humans are one of the few animals who have a complete sense of personal identity. What this means is that humans can recognize themselves in a mirror. Very few animals can do that, and evolution does that to you. It is natural that, when a […]